“Let us all take more responsibility not only for ourselves and our families but for our communities and our countries.”William J. Clinton

A Message from the CEO

Darrin Williams

Darrin Williams, CEO
Southern Bancorp, Inc.

At Southern, we describe ourselves as a “unique financial institution,” which inevitably leads to the question of what makes us unique. While we could talk about our role as a Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) serving underserved people, businesses, and distressed communities; or the fact that Southern is a family of financial institutions including a community bank, a bank holding company, and a 501(c)(3) financial development organization working together to raise individuals and communities up through a variety of responsible financial products and services; the best answer is much simpler. We are a values-based bank.

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Vernetha Jackson

Proud grandmother. Public school employee. First time homeowner.

Opportunity in Rural America

Responsible and responsive credit and capital provided by financial institutions are the fuel that lights the fire of economic growth in this country, and without it, the fire goes out. Unfortunately for many rural communities, that fire is fading due to many community banks either closing or consolidating with larger financial institutions. When that happens, it not only means that the door is opened to predatory lenders, but also that the friendly faces in the bank disappear, along with the relationships that enable capital access.

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2014 Snapshot

People to Save

A Vision for the Future

For the past two years, Southern has been on a journey to rediscover its founding principles and refocus its efforts on the core mission for which it was founded nearly three decades ago. The original vision set forth for us was simple: bring economic opportunity to underserved communities through responsible and responsive financial products and services. And while we have adopted various methods of community engagement and development over the years to great success, our roots have called us to refocus our efforts while increasing the scale of our work.

Today, we embrace our past as we look toward our future. In pursuit of our mission, we have adopted three audacious goals toward which we will work over the next decade.

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We need your support to make positive social and economic changes in our communities.

By banking with us, borrowing from us, donating to our 501(c)3 or becoming a Southern Bancorp shareholder, you can play a major role in creating economic opportunity in rural America.

To learn more about how you can get involved with Southern, e-mail Dominik Mjartan at dominik.mjartan@banksouthern.com.

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